innoDB and myrocks which one is better

Currently we are using innoDB and facing the max colunm limit. We saw that mariadb db have few storage engine, we see the myrocks is quite powerful.

May i know that myrocks have maximum column limit?

May i know that what difference between innoDB and myrocks? Is myrocks recommend to use?

Thank You.

Answer Answered by Ian Gilfillan in this comment.

Which one is better depends on your needs. Choosing the Right Storage Engine gives a very high level overview of the two (MyRocks is particularly good for compression), but you should take a more detailed look at the documentation to evaluate depending on your use case, for example, MyRocks can take more columns than InnoDB, but MyRocks doesn't work with Galera, while InnoDB does. Both storage engines are stable, but InnoDB, as the default, is more widely-used and tested.


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