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3 months ago Daniel Black

Follow the instructions of "You must start up and shut down MariaDB 10.4 or earlier".

So uninstall 10.11.2. Install any 10.4 version. Start up 10.4. Shutdown (cleanly).

And then upgrade to 10.11.2.

Stop playing with ib_logfile0. Leave it alone or you'll loose data.

3 months ago Klaus Normal

Many thanks for your quick reply.

MariaDB 10.4.24 is in directory oldmysql Maria DB 10.11.2 is in directory mysql.

When I change the names of both directories: mysql -> newmysql oldmysql –> mysql I can work with MariaDB 10.4.24. No problems!

I am not shure that this your understanding of „start up 10.4.24.?? Even this is your understanding – how I can then Shutdown (cleanly) 10.4.24.?

And after clean shutdown of 10.4.24 , I would again change the names of both directories. mysql -> oldmysql newmysql -> sql

3 months ago Daniel Black

When you have 10.4.24 started up on your mysql datadir. Stop by issuing a sql "SHUTDOWN". Examine your logs to ensure that "Shutdown complete" is the last thing in the log.

Then swap back to running MariaDB 10.11.2 on that directory contents.

3 months ago Klaus Normal

Okay, how I am doing in the XAMPP Control Panel a sql "SHUTDOWN"?



3 months ago Daniel Black

Sure, ensure XAMPP doesn't impose some very short timeout and kill it off, that would have the same effect as a crash.

3 months ago Klaus Normal

Unfortunately, it does not work with the Shut Down of old MariaDB.

Neither with „SHUTDOWN WAIT FOR ALL SLAVES;“ nor with „SHUTDOWN;“. I obtained in both cases the message: unrecognized statement type. (near Shutdown). After the shutdown the following messages: 1 errors were found during analysis. Unrecognized keyword. (near "ON" at position 25) SQL query: Edit Edit SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = ON; MySQL said: Documentation

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