install issue

Trying to install mariaDB on OpenBSD andhave it working in openbsd:s default chroot:ed environment in /var/www and have thus changed the /etc/my.cnf sockets for [client] and [Mysqld] to /var/www/var/run/mysql/mysql.sock ( which will be in the chroot) have created the directory via mkdir -p /var/www/var/run/mysql chown _mysql:_mysql /var/www/var/run/mysql

Have then run the: pkg_add mariadb-server php-curl php-mysqli mysql_install_db rcctl start mysqld

all without problem but then when i try to run the


It says I can not connect to local myql server through socket /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock... (Error 2002 HY0000) and refuses to proceed. I am not surprised since i've change the path as obove in my.cnf --- but it seems not to pay any attention to that….

can you please advice me?



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