Install Maria DB Audit plugin to mysql


I tired to installed maria db audit plugin to mysql community server 5.7.I used below command to install plugin to database.

Command INSTALL PLUGIN server_audit SONAME ''

However I received below error message.

Error 1126(HY000):Can't open shared library sr/lib64/mysq;/plugin/' (errorno:2 /usr/lib64/nysql/plugin/ undefined symbol:safe_mutex_lock)

Pls let me know how to overcome above issue.



First, you've got, somehow, the debug build of the MariaDB Audit plugin. Did you build it yourself? "safe_mutex" is only present in debug builds, it normally exists neither in MariaDB nor in MySQL.

But then, even if you'd had a correct build of the Audit plugin, it would still not work with 5.7 at the moment. Fixing this is MDEV-9106, please subscribe to it and you'll be notified when this issue is fixed.


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