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MariaDB can be installed to be a Linux/Windows dual boot server (at least on Debian). It's a little involved, but does work as roughly follows:

1) Install MariaDB on linux normally.

2) Stop MariaDB server: sudo service mysql stop

3) Move /var/lib/mysql to a shared NTFS partition (e.g. sudo mv -a /var/lib/mysql /someplace-on-ntfs-shared-partition).

4) Bind-mount back to /var/lib/mysql (e.g. sudo mount -B /someplace-on-ntfs-shared-partition /var/lib/mysql).

5) Make sure group is owned by mysql, and group permissions for files are rw, and for directories rwx. cd /var/lib find mysql -exec chown :mysql {} \; -exec chmod g+rw {} \; find mysql -type d -exec chmod g+rwx {} \;

6) Restart server and test if working sudo service mysql start (then test command line w/ something like: mysql --host=localhost --user='root' -p >show databases; )

7) Boot into windows and cd to folder containing /mysql/

8) Right click on properties; Security; Advanced.

9) For this folder and all files in it: a) Assign your username as owner. b) Add Full Control for your username c) Add Full Control for the username SERVICE.

10) Install the MariaDB server to windows. Point it to this this same NTFS shared mysql folder.

11) Start the mysql server in Services.

Note: if you edit database or table structure in linux you'll want to re-do the windows permissions before the windows server will start. (The windows permissions are not properly set in NTFS from linux.)

[This is from my memory, every detail might not be perfect, but you'll figure it out.]

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