Is MariaDB effected by the US trade sanctions?

My company is Finnish based company that was bought by US origin company.

We are distributing an application running MariaDB under GPL to various countries including Iran.

Since Mariadb foundation is registered to US, I wonder if US trade restrictions apply, ie. can't deliver MariaDB to Iran?

Answer Answered by Michael Widenius in this comment.

MariaDB Foundation is a steward for the MariaDB project and only manages the rules for participation in developing the project. It's not owning or selling MariaDB. Just because an US company participates in an open source project, doesn't mean that it's affected by US trade restrictions.

All technology used in MariaDB is open source and there is no unique encryption or other technology in MariaDB that is under any US trade restrictions.

All MariaDB code is available for anyone at github, but this is the case for a lot of open source projects, including Linux. To summarize, if they can use Linux in Iran, then they can also use MariaDB.


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