Issue installing MariaDb under Ubuntu 64-bit 16.04.1

I'm currently trying to install MariaDb (from mariadb-10.1.21-linux-glibc_214-x86_64.tar) under Ubuntu 64-bit 16.04.1. They are both new installations, and as I'm going through the installation process, when I get to the point to run the ./scripts/mysql_install_db --user=mysql script, I get a failure right from the start. I get an error message that says it can't find the shared library, It doesn't create the my.cnf file, nothing.

What am I missing?

Answer Answered by kanika satija in this comment.

It seems that libaio package is missing on the system. You can install corresponding package with below command:-

sudo apt-get install libaio1 libaio-dev


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