Build Environment Setup for Mac


  • Install Xcode from Apple (free registration required): or from your Mac OS X installation disk (macports needs XCode >= 3.1, so if you do not have that version or greater you will need to download the latest version, which is 900+ MB)

You can install the necessary dependencies using either MacPorts or Homebrew.

Using MacPorts

  • After installing, update it from the terminal: sudo port -v selfupdate

sudo port install cmake jemalloc judy openssl boost gnutls

Using Homebrew

brew install cmake jemalloc traildb/judy/judy openssl boost gnutls

Your Mac should now have everything it needs to get, compile, and otherwise work with the MariaDB source code. The next step is to actually get a copy of the code. For help with this see the Getting the MariaDB Source Code page.


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