Mroonga VersionIntroducedMaturity
5.04MariaDB 10.1.6Stable
5.02MariaDB 10.0.18, MariaDB 10.1.5Stable
5.0MariaDB 10.0.17Stable
4.06MariaDB 10.0.15Stable

Mroonga, formerly named Groonga storage engine, was included in the MariaDB 5.3 release, and is available by default from MariaDB 10.0.15

Mroonga is a full text search storage engine based on Groonga, which is an open-source CJK-ready fulltext search engine using column base. See for more.

With Mroonga, you can have a CJK-ready full text search feature, and it is faster than the MyISAM and InnoDB full text search for both updating and searching.

Mroonga also supports Groonga's fast geolocation search by using MariaDB's geolocation SQL syntax.

Mroonga currently only supports the Linux x86_64 (Intel64/AMD64).

How to install

Before MariaDB 10.0.15, Mroonga was not available by default, and you needed to build the plugin. See the instructions at Since MariaDB 10.0.15, or once the plugin has been built, enable Mroonga with the following statement:

mysql> INSTALL SONAME 'ha_mroonga';

See Plugin overview for details on installing and uninstalling plugins.

SHOW ENGINES can be used to check whether Mroonga is installed correctly:

*************************** 8. row ***************************
      Engine: Mroonga
     Support: YES
     Comment: CJK-ready fulltext search, column store
Transactions: NO
          XA: NO
  Savepoints: NO

Once the plugin is installed, add a UDF (User-Defined Function) named "last_insert_grn_id", that returns the record ID assigned by groonga in INSERT, by the following SQL.

mysql> CREATE FUNCTION last_insert_grn_id RETURNS INTEGER SONAME '';


  • The maximum size of a single key is 4096 bytes.
  • The maximum size of all keys is 4GB.
  • The maximum number of records in a fulltext index is 268,435,455
  • The maximum number of distinct terms in a fulltext index is 268,435,455
  • The maximum size of a fulltext index is 256GB
  • Mroonga only supports dates and datetimes after 1900.

Note that the maximum sizes are not hard limits, and may vary according to circumstance.

Available character sets

Mroonga supports a limited number of character sets. These include:

  • CP932
  • KOI8R
  • LATIN1
  • SJIS
  • UJIS
  • UTF8
  • UTF8MB4

More information

Further documentation for Mroonga can be found at


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