Is it possible to specify a user, password, and non standard port for the thrift servers?

In the Cassandra examples we see:

set cassandra_default_thrift_host=''

and then

create table cassandra_tbl ( rowkey type PRIMARY KEY, ... thrift_host= can also be specified here

But is it currently possible to specify a user, password, and/or a non standard port?

I've removed the user and password and tried thrift_host='' (using my particular IP) but that does not seem to work. The error I get is:

ERROR 1429 (HY000): Unable to connect to foreign data source: Could not resolve host for client socket. [1]

I can connect to this host / port from the command line.

I am using MariaDB 10.2 and just updated to 10.3.


It is possible to specify port. A table may have a thrift_port attribute, so one can specify

create table t ( ....) thrift_host=... thrift_port=...

As for user/password: Cassandra Storage Engine was developed against Cassandra 1.1, which did not really have authentication (it only had AllowAllAuthenticator).

This is why Cassandra SE doesn't support specifying username/password.

Cassandra 1.2 got real authentication. Cassandra SE should be updated to support it.


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