CMAKE settings to include TokuDB in 5.5.34

I am trying to build 5.5.34 from source on Linux x64 (Fedora 14).

I was looking at the readme files and could not find anything about building 5.5.34 from source and including TokuDB (which has the source code in the /storage/TokuDB/ directory) into the build.

I was looking for something like: -DWITH_TOKUDB_STORAGE_ENGINE=ON but did not stumble across anything.

Anybody got some ideas?

Here is my build script:

rm -f CMakeCache.txt

make clean



(now compiling your program)

Answer Answered by Sergei Golubchik in this comment.

normally all plugins are enabled by default. See specifying-what-plugins-to-build

But TokuDB has specific build requirements, make sure they're all met. You need gcc at least 4.7 and cmake at least 2.8.9

See the cmake output. If you'll see

-- Performing Test TOKUDB_OK

then TokuDB is enabled. And if you'll see

-- Performing Test TOKUDB_OK - Success

then all build prerequisites are met.


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