Compiling with the InnoDB Plugin from Oracle

Before MariaDB 10.2, MariaDB came by default with XtraDB, an enhanced version of the InnoDB plugin that comes from Oracle.

If you want to use Oracle's InnoDB plugin, then you need to compile MariaDB and not specify --without-plugin-innodb_plugin when configuring. For example, a simple ./configure without any options will do.

When the InnoDB plugin is compiled, the innodb_plugin test suite will test the InnoDB plugin in addition to xtradb:

./mysql-test-run --suite=innodb_plugin

To use the innodb_plugin instead of xtradb you can do (for MariaDB 5.5):

mysqld --ignore-builtin-innodb \

For MariaDB 5.3 and below, the name of the library is

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