The Debian packages available from are not identical to the official Debian packages available from Debian's own repositories. The packages are generated using the Debian packaging in the main tree debian/ directory: The Debian packages in official Debian (and Ubuntu) however are generated from

MariaDB when installed from the Debian repos has a number of differences with standard MariaDB.

Configuration File Locations

The file /etc/mysql/my.cnf is handled by the mysql-common update-alternatives mechanism and points to mysql.cnf or mariadb.cnf depending on which one is installed. Most of the MariaDB config files are therefore actually in /etc/mysql/mariadb.d/*.cnf

System Variables

VariableMariaDB in DebianStandard MariaDBNotes
character_set_serverutf8mb4latin1Debian sets a default character set that can support emojis etc.


OptionMariaDB in DebianStandard MariaDBNotes enables the UNIX_SOCKET Authentication Plugin plugin by default, allowing passwordless login.


Official packages from Debian and Ubuntu (along with Windows) use yaSSL, while other platforms use OpenSSL. See the have_ssl and have_openssl system variables.

See Also

More Information

For details, check out the Debian and Ubuntu official repositories:


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