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MariaDB is a community developed project, with the MariaDB Foundation as its main driver. The Foundation works in close cooperation with MariaDB Corporation to deliver new versions of MariaDB. Together with the Maria-captains, the Foundation ensures that all code in the MariaDB trees is of good quality and that there are regular releases of MariaDB.

The MariaDB foundation does however need contributors and money to be able to do this. You can help through one of the following methods.

  1. Purchase extensions / optimization / new features / bug fixes / support for MariaDB / MySQL from MariaDB Corporation. A part of the profits for this work is given to the MariaDB Foundation.
  2. Offer to pay for the features you need which are listed in JIRA, worklog or on the future plans page.
  3. Add new interesting tasks to JIRA or future plans that you would like to have solved and add how much you would like to pay to get it done.
  4. Join the MariaDB community and help us develop MariaDB.
  5. Donate spare CPU cycles by volunteering to run a build slave.
  6. Provide us with machines to builds on platforms we don't yet support. (Email to info at if you are interested in doing this and/or use the donate button below)
  7. Purchase MariaDB t-shirts for you and your employees and wear them at conferences!

Projects added to JIRA can also be developed by people outside of the MariaDB Foundation or MariaDB Corporation. If the project is done, delivered and accepted into MariaDB, a major part of the money will be donated to the developer. If you are interested in doing something in JIRA, please contact us at 'maria-developers at' or 'sales at'.

Please help us help you!

To donate, please visit the MariaDB Foundation donations page.

Donations help the MariaDB Foundation to drive and develop MariaDB as an open source project.


We have a CafePress store which sells various MariaDB-themed items. All proceeds go to support MariaDB development.

Sponsorships and Donations

We believe in supporting the products we use and the projects we work with.

The MariaDB foundation, MariaDB Corporation and Monty are helping and giving donations to the following projects:

To donate, please visit the MariaDB Foundation donations page.


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