MariaDB starting with 10.0.5

The FROM_BASE64() function was introduced in MariaDB 10.0.5.




Decodes the given base-64 encode string, returning the result as a binary string. Returns NULL if the given string is NULL or if it's invalid.

It is the reverse of the TO_BASE64 function.

There are numerous methods to base-64 encode a string. MariaDB uses the following:

  • It encodes alphabet value 64 as '+'.
  • It encodes alphabet value 63 as '/'.
  • It codes output in groups of four printable characters. Each three byte of data encoded uses four characters. If the final group is incomplete, it pads the difference with the '=' character.
  • It divides long output, adding a new line very 76 characters.
  • In decoding, it recognizes and ignores newlines, carriage returns, tabs and space whitespace characters.
SELECT TO_BASE64('Maria') AS 'Input';
| Input     |
| TWFyaWE=  |

| Output |
| Maria  |


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