MariaDB 5.2.0

The KEY_CACHES table was introduced in MariaDB 5.2.0

The Information Schema KEY_CACHES table shows statistics about the segmented key cache, which was introduced in MariaDB 5.2.0.

It contains the following columns:

Column NameDescription
KEY_CACHE_NAMEThe name of the key cache
SEGMENTStotal number of segments (set to NULL for regular key caches)
SEGMENT_NUMBERsegment number (set to NULL for any regular key caches and for rows containing aggregation statistics for segmented key caches)
FULL_SIZEmemory for cache buffers/auxiliary structures
BLOCK_SIZEsize of the blocks
USED_BLOCKSnumber of currently used blocks
UNUSED_BLOCKSnumber of currently unused blocks
DIRTY_BLOCKSnumber of currently dirty blocks
READ_REQUESTSnumber of read requests
READSnumber of actual reads from files into buffers
WRITE_REQUESTSnumber of write requests
WRITESnumber of actual writes from buffers into files


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