The Information Schema PROFILING table contains information about statement resource usage. Profiling information is only recorded if the profiling session variable is set to 1.

It contains the following columns:

Column NameDescription
SEQSequence number showing the display order for rows with the same QUERY_ID.
STATEProfiling state.
DURATIONTime in seconds that the statement has been in the current state.
CPU_USERUser CPU usage in seconds.
CPU_SYSTEMSystem CPU usage in seconds.
CONTEXT_VOLUNTARYNumber of voluntary context switches.
CONTEXT_INVOLUNTARYNumber of involuntary context switches.
BLOCK_OPS_INNumber of block input operations.
BLOCK_OPS_OUTNumber of block output operations.
MESSAGES_SENTNumber of communications sent.
MESSAGES_RECEIVEDNumber of communications received.
PAGE_FAULTS_MAJORNumber of major page faults.
PAGE_FAULTS_MINORNumber of minor page faults.
SWAPSNumber of swaps.
SOURCE_FUNCTIONFunction in the source code executed by the profiled state.
SOURCE_FILEFile in the source code executed by the profiled state.
SOURCE_LINELine in the source code executed by the profiled state.

It contains similar information to the SHOW PROFILE and SHOW PROFILES statements.

Profiling is enabled per session. When a session ends, its profiling information is lost.


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