Information Schema QUERY_CACHE_INFO Table

MariaDB starting with 5.5.31

The QUERY_CACHE_INFO table was introduced as part of the QUERY_CACHE_INFO plugin in MariaDB 5.5.31.


The table is not a standard Information Schema table, and is a MariaDB extension.

The QUERY_CACHE_INFO table is created by the QUERY_CACHE_INFO plugin, and allows you to see the contents of the query cache. It creates a table in the information_schema database that shows all queries that are in the cache. You must have the PROCESS privilege (see GRANT) to use this table.

It contains the following columns:

STATEMENT_SCHEMADatabase used when query was included
RESULT_BLOCKS_COUNTNumber of result blocks
RESULT_BLOCKS_SIZESize in bytes of result blocks
RESULT_BLOCKS_SIZE_USEDSize in bytes of used blocks

For example:

SELECT * FROM information_schema.QUERY_CACHE_INFO;
| test             | SELECT * FROM a |                   1 |                512 |                     143 |
| test             | select * FROM a |                   1 |                512 |                     143 |

The QUERY_CACHE_INFO table will be removed in a future release, and replaced by the QUERY_CACHE_QUERIES table (see MDEV-4682).


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