MariaDB starting with 10.1.x

The QUERY_CACHE_TABLES table will be introduced in a future version of MariaDB. See MDEV-4682


The QUERY_CACHE_TABLES table will be introduced as part of a future change to the QUERY_CACHE_INFO plugin, and shows all tables inside the query cache and how many queries have been cached for each.

The table is not a standard Information Schema table, and is a MariaDB extension.

It contains the following columns:

TABLE_SCHEMAtable database schema
TABLE_NAMEtable name
TABLE_HASHEDinternal use (0/1)
TABLE_TYPEinternal use, possible values: NON_TRANSACT, NO_CACHE, ASK_TRANSACT, TRANSACT, "UNKNOWN %u" where %u is internal value of query_cache_table_entry->table_type)
QUERIES_IN_CACHEnumber of queries in query cache using this table


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