MariaDB starting with 10.2.3

JSON functions were added in MariaDB 10.2.3.


JSON_SEARCH(json_doc, return_arg, search_str[, escape_char[, path] ...])


Returns the path to the given string within a JSON document, or NULL if any of json_doc, search_str or a path argument is NULL; if the search string is not found, or if no path exists within the document.

A warning will occur if the JSON document is not valid, any of the path arguments are not valid, if return_arg is neither one nor all, or if the escape character is not a constant. NULL will be returned.

return_arg can be one of two values:

  • 'one: Terminates after finding the first match, so will return one path string. If there is more than one match, it is undefined which is considered first.
  • all: Returns all matching path strings, without duplicates. Multiple strings are autowrapped as an array. The order is undefined.


SET @json = '["A", [{"B": "1"}], {"C":"AB"}, {"D":"BC"}]';

SELECT JSON_SEARCH(@json, 'one', 'AB');
| JSON_SEARCH(@json, 'one', 'AB') |
| "$[2].C"                        |


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