The most recent release of MariaDB 10.3 is:
MariaDB 10.3.6 Release Candidate (RC) Download Now

Note: This page describes features in the source repository for MariaDB 10.3. There are currently no official packages or binaries available for download which contain the features. If you want to try out any of the new features described here you will need to get and compile the code yourself.

MariaDB 10.3 is the current development series of MariaDB. It is an evolution of MariaDB 10.2 with several entirely new features not found anywhere else and with backported and reimplemented features from MySQL.

Do not use non-GA releases on production systems!

For an overview of MariaDB 10.3 see the What is MariaDB 10.3? page.

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB!

Notable Changes

Notable changes of this release include:

  • The embedded server library now supports SSL when connecting to remote servers.


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