The responsibilities of a MariaDB captain are:

  • Develop and take care of the MariaDB project.
  • Fix bugs in the code that you have developed or have responsibility of.
  • Review code and answer questions about MariaDB submitted to the mariadb-developers list.
  • Work actively to create a better MariaDB experience together with the other MariaDB captains.

The main criteria for becoming a MariaDB captain are:

  • Follow the guidelines for MariaDB developers, being exemplary in how you do so.
  • Discuss and seek consensus for code that is submitted for approval.
  • Have a good understanding of the MariaDB code so that you can perform thoughtful reviews.
  • Understand when it's OK to push into the MariaDB tree. This is partly subjective.
  • Have the trust of the other MariaDB captains. We strive for a technocracy, and not a clique.

You don't have to work at the MariaDB Corporation or for the MariaDB Foundation to become a MariaDB captain! MariaDB is an open source project and participation is available for anyone.

When you think you are ready, you can approach one of the existing MariaDB captains and ask them to submit your name to the other MariaDB captains for consideration to become a MariaDB captain. The captains will vote for your approval/disapproval and you will be informed of the result.


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