Being new to MariaDB, I'm unsure if this is the correct forum to pose my question. Please forgive and forward me in the right direction if it is not :)

I've recently upgraded from MySQL to MariaDB on my QNAP TS-410 server and commenced using. I've recently attempted to backup my tables and have been faced with a "Couldn't execute 'show events': Cannot proceed because system tables used by Event Scheduler were found damaged at server start (1577)".

I've browsed the web and the "mysql_upgrade" command is regularly touted; however, this doesn't appear to be on my TS-410. I've also attempted restarting the server via the TS-410 web interface. I approached QNAP who responded they were unable to assist. Which leads me here.

Has anyone encountered a similar or same scenario? And able to provide assistance in resolving?

Thanks in advance


If you don't have mysql_upgrade, you can manually load the relevant part of mysql_system_tables_fix.sql file. You can simply run it as

# mysql -uroot -f < mysql_system_tables_fix.sql

Make sure you use mysql_system_tables_fix.sql that matches your MariaDB version.


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