MariaDB Kubernetes Operator 0.1.3 Release Notes

Release date: 29 March 2019

Warning: This is an early-access release, available for non-production use only. It is strongly recommended that you not use MariaDB Kubernetes in production environments. We are currently testing it for stability with a few customers. Submit your support requests to MariaDB Corporation Support.

MariaDB Kubernetes Operator provides support for deploying and managing deployments of MariaDB Server, MariaDB ColumnStore and MariaDB MaxScale on Kubernetes clusters. You can use this in your own deployments or as a reference example in developing your own deployment strategies.

This is the first release of MariaDB Kubernetes Operator.

Notable Features

  • Creating/deleting complex database infrastructure using YAML resource definitions
  • Support for Standalone topology, a single-node MariaDB Server for development
  • Support for Master/Slave topology, a scalable HA Master/Slave cluster fronted by MaxScale
  • Support for Galera topology, a scalable HA Galera cluster fronted by MaxScale
  • Support for Standalone ColumnStore topolgy, a single-node MariaDB ColumnStore for development
  • Support for ColumnStore topology, a 1UM/multi-PM MariaDB ColumnStore for analytical workloads
  • Customization of database parameters and Kubernetes resource requirements and node affinity
  • Pre-packaging of custom database parameters into "sizes"
  • Managing MariaDB databases using kubectl <command> mariadb <name>
  • Scaling Master/Slave and Galera topologies

Known Issues and Limitations

  • DBAAS-665: Master/Slave and Galera topologies do not work on Microk8s.
  • DBAAS-653: Controller crashes and does not restart after adding nodes to the Kubernetes cluster.
  • The number of PM nodes must be determined before provisioning a ColumnStore topology.
  • The number of UM nodes is limited to one in a ColumnStore topology.
  • PersistentVolumeClaims do not get deleted in response to deleting a MariaDB resource.


Documentation for MariaDB Kubernetes Operator may be found at:


MariaDB Kubernetes Operator 0.1.3 is distributed as a tarball archive, mariadb-operator-0.1.3.tar.gz, that includes a binary Docker image, source code and installation instructions.


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