This page documents system variables related to the Mroonga storage engine. See Server System Variables for a complete list of system variables and instructions on setting them.

See also the Full list of MariaDB options, system and status variables.


  • Description: Action to take when encountering a mroonga fulltext error.
    • ERROR: Report an error without logging.
    • ERROR_AND_LOG: Report an error with logging (the default)
    • IGNORE: No logging or reporting - the error is ignored.
    • IGNORE_AND_LOG: Log the error without reporting it.
  • Data Type: enum
  • Default Value: ERROR_AND_LOG


  • Description: The fulltext default parser, for example TokenBigramSplitSymbolAlphaDigit or TokenBigram (the default). See the list of options at Mroonga Overview:Parser.
  • Data Type: string
  • Default Value: TokenBigram


  • Description: If set to on, (off is default), data is not actually written to the Groonga database. Only really useful to change for benchmarking.
  • Data Type: boolean
  • Default Value: off


  • Description: If set to on (the default), optimization is enabled. Only really useful to change for becnhmarking.
  • Data Type: boolean
  • Default Value: on


  • Description: Groonga library version.
  • Data Type: string


  • Description: Name and path of the Mroonga log file.
  • Data Type: string
  • Default Value: groonga.log


  • Description: Mroonga log file output level, which determines what is logged. Valid levels include:
    • NONE No output.
    • EMERG: Only emergency error messages, such as database corruption.
    • ALERT: Alert messages, such as internal errors.
    • CRIT : Critical error messages, such as deadlocks.
    • ERROR : Errors, such as API errors.
    • WARNING: Warnings, such as invalid arguments.
    • NOTICE: Notices, such as a change in configuration or a status change.
    • INFO: Information messages, such as file system operations.
    • DEBUG: Debug messages, suggested for developers or testers.
    • DUMP: Dump messages.
  • Data Type: string
  • Default Value: NOTICE


  • Description: The threshold to determine whether the match method is escalated. -1 means never escalate.
  • Data Type: string
  • Default Value: 0


  • Description: Delimiter to use when outputting a vector column. The default is a white space.
  • Data Type: string
  • Default Value: (white space)


  • Description: Mroonga version.
  • Data Type: string


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