Optimizer and Performance Tuning

Below are links to video presentations made a various conferences. The main topic of these presentations is related to the MariaDB Optimizer and performance tuning.

MariaDB and MySQL – what statistics optimizer needs – or when and how not to use indexesFebruary 2019Sergei GolubchikFOSDEM'19
ANALYZE for Executable Statements - Troubleshooting the Optimizer2015Sergei Petrunia
MariaDB 10.0 Optimizer2014Sergei Petrunia and Sergei Golubchik
MariaDB Optimizer without Indexes2014Sergei Golubchik
Improving MariaDB Query Performance with Optimizer Tuning2012Sergei Petrunia and Timour KatchaounovPercona Live
MariaDB 5.3's Query Optimizer2012Sergei PetruniaFOSDEM - MySQL Devroom
New Query Optimizer Feature2011Sergey PetrunyaFOSDEM - MySQL & Friends devroom


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