Comments - Parallel Replication

5 years ago Joni-Pekka Kurronen

Should this run parallel: SELECT Path.Path, Filename.Name, T1.FileIndex, T1.JobId, LStat, DeltaSeq FROM ( SELECT FileId, Job.JobId AS JobId, FileIndex, File.PathId AS PathId, File.FilenameId AS FilenameId, LStat , File.DeltaSeq AS DeltaSeq, Job.JobTDate AS JobTDate FROM Job, File, ( SELECT MAX(JobTDate) AS JobTDate, PathId, FilenameId, DeltaSeq FROM ( SELECT JobTDate, PathId, FilenameId, DeltaSeq FROM File JOIN Job USING (JobId) WHERE File.JobId IN (3556) UNION ALL SELECT JobTDate, PathId, FilenameId, DeltaSeq FROM BaseFiles JOIN File USING (FileId) JOIN Job ON (BaseJobId = Job.JobId) WHERE BaseFiles.JobId IN (3556) ) AS tmp GROUP BY PathId, FilenameId, DeltaSeq ) AS T1 WHERE (Job.JobId IN ( SELECT DISTINCT BaseJobId FROM BaseFiles WHERE JobId IN (3556)) OR Job.JobId IN (3556)) AND T1.JobTDate = Job.JobTDate AND Job.JobId = File.JobId AND T1.PathId = File.PathId AND T1.FilenameId = File.FilenameId ) AS T1 JOIN Filename ON (Filename.FilenameId = T1.FilenameId) JOIN Path ON (Path.PathId = T1.PathId) WHERE FileIndex > 0 ORDER BY T1.JobTDate, FileIndex ASC

I can see server 1 gives 114% ( top ) which mean's that mysqld is running deamon, 4 system user logged in, 4 threads enable,... but server 2 is running idle,.. tokudb database at both ( bacula ) and server-slave,... planing to put it ring when this works first!!! At slave also 4 system users logged in,...

4 years ago Gerry Narvaja

This comment is not related to the topic on this page. SELECT statements are not replicated, hence, not affected by anything explained in this section of the KB.