QA Tests

Optimizer and the Random Query Generator

The RQG is used to test various Optimizer features. See the Optimizer Quality article for more information.

Aria Engine Recovery

The QA - Aria Recovery page contains a plan on how to test it.

Upgrade and Installer Testing

  • Upgrades using .deb and RPM packages are tested using very simple tests in BuildBot by the various bld_kvm* builders.


  • More complex tests around .deb, RPM and tarballs;
  • Decide on specific upgrade/downgrade paths (e.g. MySQL 5.5 to MariaDB 2.2?) and methods (mysqldump, mysql_upgrade) that we support and test each individually;
  • Test the Windows installer and service NSIS allows for scripted unattended installs by providing an /SD argument to functions such as MessageBox.
  • Test the contents of the Windows package, e.g. if HELP, .test, etc. files are properly placed and runnable;

Linking Testing

The purpose of those tests is to check that various applications that use libmysql can be compiled, linked and run with MariaDB. They are run by the compile-connectors builder in BuildBot

  • Perl DBD::mysql
    • We configure and compile the Perl DBI MySQL driver. Then we run the test suite provided with it.
  • PHP
    • We configure and compile both the mysql and mysqli PHP drivers without mysql-nd. For each, we run those tests from the PHP test suite that are known to be good (other tests fail for both MySQL and MariaDB).


  • Perl and PHP with the embedded library

Connectors Testing

The purpose of those tests is to check that the libraries that implement the MySQL protocol can work with MariaDB.

  • The libmysql library/connector is tested both by the MTR test suite (since mysqltest links with it)


  • PHP with the mysql-nd driver
  • Connector C++
  • JDBC

Replication Testing

Individual applications:

  • group commit:
    perl \
      --engine=InnoDB \
      --grammar=conf/replication/rpl_transactions.yy \
      --gendata=conf/replication/rpl_transactions.zz \
      --mysqld=--sync_binlog=1 \
      --mysqld=--innodb-flush_log_at_trx_commit=1 \
      --mysqld=--binlog-dbug_fsync_sleep=100000 \
      --mysqld=--default-storage-engine=InnoDB \
      --threads=15 \
      --queries=1M \
      --duration=600 \


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