Query Cache Information Plugin

MariaDB starting with 5.5.31

The QUERY_CACHE_INFO plugin was first released in MariaDB 5.5.31.

The QUERY_CACHE_INFO plugin creates the QUERY_CACHE_INFO table in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database. This table shows all queries in the query cache. Querying this table acquires the query cache lock and will result in lock waits for queries that are using or expiring from the query cache. You must have the PROCESS privilege to query this table.

Installing the Plugin

Although the plugin's shared library is distributed with MariaDB by default, the plugin is not actually installed by MariaDB by default. There are two methods that can be used to install the plugin with MariaDB.

The first method can be used to install the plugin without restarting the server. You can install the plugin dynamically by executing INSTALL SONAME or INSTALL PLUGIN. For example:

INSTALL SONAME 'query_cache_info';

The second method can be used to tell the server to load the plugin when it starts up. The plugin can be installed this way by providing the --plugin-load or the --plugin-load-add options. This can be specified as a command-line argument to mysqld or it can be specified in a relevant server option group in an option file. For example:

plugin_load_add = query_cache_info

Uninstalling the Plugin

You can uninstall the plugin dynamically by executing UNINSTALL SONAME or UNINSTALL PLUGIN. For example:

UNINSTALL SONAME 'query_cache_info';

If you installed the plugin by providing the --plugin-load or the --plugin-load-add options in a relevant server option group in an option file, then those options should be removed to prevent the plugin from being loaded the next time the server is restarted.


select statement_schema, statement_text, result_blocks_count, 
  result_blocks_size from information_schema.query_cache_info;
| statement_schema | statement_text   | result_blocks_count | result_blocks_size |
| test             | select * from t1 |                   1 |                512 |


1.1StableMariaDB 10.1.13
1.1GammaMariaDB 10.1.8
1.0GammaMariaDB 10.0.10
1.0AlphaMariaDB 5.5.31


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