S3 Storage Engine System Variables

MariaDB starting with 10.5

S3 is introduced in MariaDB 10.5.

This page documents system variables related to the S3 storage engine.

See Server System Variables for a complete list of system variables and instructions on setting system variables.

Also see the Full list of MariaDB options, system and status variables




  • Description: The AWS bucket where your data should be stored. All MariaDB table data is stored in this bucket. See mysqld startup options for S3.
  • Commandline: --s3-bucket=val
  • Scope:
  • Dynamic:
  • Data Type:
  • Default Value:
  • Introduced: MariaDB 10.5


  • Description: This characterizes the number of hits a hot block has to be untouched until it is considered aged enough to be downgraded to a warm block. This specifies the percentage ratio of that number of hits to the total number of blocks in the page cache.
  • Commandline: --s3-pagecache-age-threshold=val
  • Scope:
  • Dynamic: Yes
  • Data Type: Numeric
  • Default Value: 300
  • Introduced: MariaDB 10.5


  • Description: The size of the buffer used for index blocks for S3 tables. Increase this to get better index handling (for all reads and multiple writes) to as much as you can afford.
  • Commandline: --s3-pagecache-buffer-size=val
  • Scope:
  • Dynamic: No
  • Data Type: Numeric
  • Default Value: 128M
  • Introduced: MariaDB 10.5


  • Description: The minimum percentage of warm blocks in key cache.
  • Commandline: --s3-pagecache-division-limit=val
  • Scope:
  • Dynamic: Yes
  • Data Type: Numeric
  • Default Value: 100
  • Introduced: MariaDB 10.5




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