ScaleDB is a commercial storage engine aimed at adding scalability and high-availability to your databases.

ScaleDB transforms MariaDB and MySQL into a grid of databases that operate concurrently over shared data to efficiently manage online transaction processing (OLTP) and data warehousing (DW) applications.

ScaleDB offers high performance and scalability for applications with many concurrent users and large data sets. Rather than partitioning or sharding the data to multiple MariaDB servers, ScaleDB maintains the data on one or more storage nodes. The entire dataset and schema is available to all the databases in the cluster and each database has read and write capabilities over the data.

To scale, database servers or storage nodes are added dynamically to the cluster without the need to partition or shard the data and High Availability (HA) is automated as the system is built without a single point of failure – if a database node fails, the queries are sent to a different database in the cluster and if a storage node fails, the data continues to be available from a mirror storage node.

More information is available at and a free trial version can be requested from


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