Specifying Permissions for Schema (Data) Directories and Tables

By default MariaDB uses the following modes for creating directories and files.

Mode forDefault ModeEnvironment variable
Files0660 (same as -rw-rw----)UMASK
Directories0700 (same as drwx------)UMASK_DIR

By setting the environment variables before you start mysqld or mysqld_safe you can specify the mode for files and directories.

Note that the environment variables are modes specified in octal and OR:de with the default value (as the default value is the minimum value needed for mysqld to work).

In other words, if you would run the following in the shell:

set UMASK=001
export UMASK

mysqld would use the mode 0661 when creating new files.

If you start the server with systemctl:


systemctl edit mariadb

An editor opens.

This creates a file named override.conf in the directory /etc/systemd/system/mariadb.service.d/

Write the desired value in the editor.


After saving this file, you need to reload the service definitions before the changes will be recognized by MariaDB, thus:

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart mariadb

Note that mysql_install_db does not read the service configuration. To use UMASK with mysql_install_db you must set & export the environment variable in the shell executing the utility.


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