We noticed, that MariaDB includes TokuDB engine too nowadays. We have read, that it should be more high-performance than the default one. We are curious to know, what's the reason, it's not the default engine in MariaDB. Is it ready for production use?


Yes, it is GA quality and is absolutely ready for production use.

As for high-performance… It is certainly performs much better than InnoDB on certain workloads. But it would be not correct to say that it is always faster than InnoDB in all possible workloads. There are cases when InnoDB would be faster.

This is one of the reasons why MariaDB doesn't change the default storage engine to TokuDB — different users use MariaDB differently. Also, there are other differences between InnoDB and TokuDB besides speed. TokuDB has different configuration variables, puts its files differently, has somewhat different set of features. This means that some existing applications and DBA scripts might stop working if MariaDB would blindly change the default storage engine.


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