I've already asked here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6659030/udf-regular-expreissions-for-maria-db

I've found this really good user defined functions ( http://www.mysqludf.org/lib_mysqludf_preg/index.php ) for using regular expressions in mysql However when trying to instal I get can't find mysql library

====== OUTPUT =====
checking for mysqlbin... dirname: missing operand
Try `dirname --help' for more information.
checking for mysql_config... no
configure: error: "Can't find mysql library"

The site says

>>If mysql is an unusual place, you might need to add --with-mysql=<mysql directory>/bin/mysql_config

I can't find mysql_config, searching for mysql shows these directories


I am using ubuntu lucid lynx, any sugestions would be greatly appreciated, thank

Answer Answered by Vladislav Vaintroub in this comment.

Answered on stackoverflow. You need libmysqlclient-dev (libmariadbclient-dev) package for mysql_config and required header files.


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