OS: RHEL 6.2 (2.6.32-279.1.1.el6.x86_64)

I originally installed MariaDB version mariadb-5.1.61-Linux-x86_64 (using generic linux tarball) and was able to copy data under mariadb install and restarted mariadb. Everything with respect from transition of MySQL to MariaDB worked great.

Now I am trying to upgrade MariaDB version mariadb-5.1.61-Linux-x86_64 to mariadb-5.5.25-linux-x86_64 (generic linux tarball). I shutdown the 5.1 MariaDB instance, re-created the link to point to the 5.5 distro. Then I restarted MariaDB instance and attempted to upgrade the database using mysql_upgrade -u root -p

It looks it made it through information_schema and mysql databases without issue, but ran into some trouble with the database that I had copied in from original MySQL 5.1 instance (database= sahtest, sahtest.ACCESS_ACCOUNTS, Error: Table 'sahtest.ACCESS_ACCOUNTS' doesn't exist, Status: Operation failed). This error happens for all of the tables in the sahtest database. It also tried to Repair the tables of the sahtest database, failing with same error.

mysql_upgrade finishes, so then I connect to mariadb and list databases. sahtest is there. If I say use sahtest; show tables; all the tables are there and look ok.

Am I on the right track with how to install and upgrade from 5.1 to 5.5 version of MariaDB?

TIA, Scott

Answer Answered by Sergei Golubchik in this comment.

Without having more information I can guess that yes, everything looks ok. The manual tells to run mysql_upgrade on upgrades, you did it and it fixed the problem. Looks good to me :)


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