Mariabackup supports streaming to stdout with the --stream=xbstream option. This option allows easy integration with popular encryption and compression tools. Below are several examples.

Encrypting and Decrypting Backup With openssl

The following example creates an AES-encrypted backup, protected with the password "mypass" and stores it in a file "backup.xb.enc":

mariabackup --user=root --backup --stream=xbstream  | openssl  enc -aes-256-cbc -k mypass > backup.xb.enc

To decrypt and unpack this backup into the current directory, the following command can be used:

openssl  enc -d -aes-256-cbc -k mypass -in backup.xb.enc | mbstream -x

Compressing and Decompressing Backup With gzip

This example compresses the backup without encrypting:

mariabackup --user=root --backup --stream=xbstream | gzip > backupstream.gz

We can decompress and unpack the backup as follows:

gunzip -c backupstream.gz | mbstream -x

Compressing and Encrypting Backup, Using gzip and openssl

This example adds a compression step before the encryption, otherwise looks almost identical to the previous example:

mariabackup --user=root --backup --stream=xbstream | gzip | openssl  enc -aes-256-cbc -k mypass > backup.xb.gz.enc

We can decrypt, decompress and unpack the backup as follow (note gzip -d in the pipeline):

openssl  enc -d -aes-256-cbc -k mypass -in backup.xb.gz.enc |gzip -d| mbstream -x

Compressing and Encrypting with 7Zip

7zip archiver is a popular utility (especially on Windows) that supports reading from standard output, with the --si option, and writing to stdout with the -so option, and can thus be used together with Mariabackup.

Compressing backup with the 7z command line utility works as follows:

mariabackup --user=root --backup --stream=xbstream | 7z a -si backup.xb.7z

Uncompress and unpack the archive with

7z e backup.xb.7z -so |mbstream -x

7z also has builtin AES-256 encryption. To encrypt the backup from the previous example using password SECRET, add -pSECRET to the 7z command line.

Encrypting With GPG


mariabackup --user=root --backup --stream=xbstream | gpg -c --passphrase SECRET --batch --yes -o backup.xb.gpg

Decrypt, unpack

gpg --decrypt --passphrase SECRET --batch --yes  backup.xb.gpg | mbstream -x

Interactive Input for Passphrases

Most of the described tools also provide a way to enter a passphrase interactively (although 7zip does not seem to work well when reading input from stdin). Please consult documentation of the tools for more info.


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