Changes and Improvements in MariaDB 10.5

Do not use alpha releases in production!

MariaDB 10.5 is the current major development version. MariaDB 10.4 is currently stable and feature-complete, so new features are going into 10.5.

Implemented Features


Storage Engines

  • The S3 storage engine allows one to archive MariaDB tables in Amazon S3, or any third-party public or private cloud that implements S3 API.

Thread Pool


InnoDB Refactoring

  • Remove buf_page_t::newest_modification (MDEV-21132)
  • Replace recv_sys_t::addr_hash with a std::map (MDEV-19586)
  • Obsolete internal parser for FK in InnoDB (MDEV-20480)
  • InnoDB thread pool for background tasks (MDEV-16264)

Binary Log

Query Optimizer

  • ANALYZE for statements is improved, now it also shows the time spent checking the WHERE clause and doing other auxiliary operations (MDEV-20854)
  • Inferred IS NOT NULL predicates can be used by the range optimizer (MDEV-15777)




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