MariaDB 10.1.2

The WSREP_INFO plugin was introduced in MariaDB 10.1.2.


1.0StableMariaDB 10.1.18
1.0GammaMariaDB 10.1.13
1.0AlphaMariaDB 10.1.2


The WSREP_INFO plugin adds two new tables to the Information Schema, WSREP_MEMBERSHIP and WSREP_STATUS. These provide Galera node cluster membership and status information.

To install it, use:

INSTALL SONAME 'wsrep_info';

After installation, the two new tables will have been added to the Information Schema:

SHOW TABLES FROM information_schema LIKE 'WSREP%';
| Tables_in_information_schema (WSREP%) |
| WSREP_STATUS                          |
| WSREP_MEMBERSHIP                      |

These tables can either be queried directly, or the related SHOW statements used instead. See SHOW WSREP_MEMBERSHIP. Only users with the SUPER privilege can access information from these tables.


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