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8 years, 11 months ago Gary Kahrau

This is still unclear to me. If I create a commercial application that just connects to MySql or MariaDB using the npgsql commands, do I need any kind of commercial license?

If necessary, I can have the end user install MariaDB and Npgsql.

I need to decide between MySql/MariaDB and PostgreSQL.

Typical commands to be used. Imports Npgsql Dim pgCommand As NpgsqlCommand = New NpgsqlCommand Dim sda As NpgsqlDataAdapter Dim cb As NpgsqlCommandBuilder Dim vbReader As NpgsqlDataReader

3 years, 8 months ago Otto Kekäläinen

I got questions on this during DebConf19, and to clarify, the NEW mentioned in "use the new LGPL client libraries" refers to the MariaDB Connector C, which on Linux systems usually have the package name libmariadb2 or libmariadb3. This is the same client library that is inside the server since MariaDB 10.3. The paragraphs above about "new" and "old" only apply to MariaDB 10.2 or older. In new MariaDB releases there is only the new library and no legacy anyore.

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