LINQ in C#

Hi, I am attempting to replace the database in an application with MariaDB. This application is written in C# and previously accessed the database (mostly inserts) with LINQ. When I attempt to insert (other transactions have the same type of issue) I get the error message:

"You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '[t0].[Id], [t0].[BirthYear], [t0].[FirstName], [t0].[Gender], [t0].[LastName], [' at line 1"

The table in MariaDB is setup the same as it was in MS SQL.

Any thoughts on this subject would be most appreciated. I could go back and remove all use of LINQ and write SQL by hand (which is how I would have implemented it in the first place due to LINQ being the bane of my existence), but if I can get it to work as is it will save a great deal of time, and therefore money.

Thanks, Jeremy


This generated SQL uses MSSQL style for quoting identifiers (square brackets). In MariaDB you can quote identifiers either with backticks (`t0`.`id` — MySQL style) or with double quotes ("t0"."id" — SQL standard syntax, requires sql_mode=ANSI_QUOTES).

See if you can configure LINQ to quite identifiers appropriately.


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