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How to Document Contributions

Add the following in the global comment for each contribution:

Patch: Name, url or where we got patch
Author:   ....
License:  MCA or BSD
Reviewer: ....

For those cases this is not done, please add to this page a short line for each push into MariaDB that includes code from contributors not employed by the MariaDB Foundation or the MariaDB Corporation. The purpose of this is to properly track that all such patches are submitted either under MCA or BSD-new and to ensure that the developer gets credit for his work.


Feature/Patch name
* Author(s)
* Author has signed MCA on "date" | Patch was licensed under BSD

(Please enhance the example with anything that makes sense.)

MariaDB 11.4 Log of Contributions

  • MariaDB 11.4.1 contributors
  • Binary log writing speed was improved by moving checksum calculations out of the global binlog mutex. This is a contribution by Kristian Nielsen (MDEV-31273)
  • New system variable max_binlog_total_size enables binary log purging when the total size of all binary logs exceeds the specified threshold. The implementation is based on the patch from Percona (MDEV-31404)
  • FULL_NODUP is a new value for the binlog_row_image system variable. It essentially works like FULL, that is all columns are included in the event, but it takes less space, because the after image omits columns that were not changed by the UPDATE statement, and have same values as in the before image. This is a contribution from Alibaba (MDEV-32589)

MariaDB 11.3 Log of Contributions

MariaDB 11.2 Log of Contributions

MariaDB 11.1 Log of Contributions

MariaDB 11.0 Log of Contributions

MariaDB 10.11 Log of Contributions

MariaDB 10.10 Log of Contributions

MariaDB 10.9 Log of Contributions

MariaDB 10.8 Log of Contributions

MariaDB 10.7 Log of Contributions

MariaDB 10.6. Log of Contributions

MariaDB 10.5 Log of Contributions

MariaDB 10.4 Log of Contributions

MariaDB 10.3 Log of Contributions

Instant ADD COLUMN (MDEV-11369)

  • Tencent Game DBA Team, developed by vinchen.

UPDATE statements with the same source and target (MDEV-12874)

  • Jerome Brauge.

Per-engine mysql.gtid_slave_pos tables (MDEV-12179)

  • Kristian Nielsen funded by Booking.com.

The MariaDB Foundation website provides a more detailed list of contributors by release, starting from MariaDB 10.3.5

MariaDB 10.2 Log of Contributions

New variable read_binlog_speed_limit permits restricting the speed at which the slave reads the binlog from the master (MDEV-11064)

  • Tencent Game DBA Team, developed by chouryzhou.

Compression of events in the binary log (MDEV-11065)

  • Tencent Game DBA Team, developed by vinchen.

No Pad collations (MDEV-9711)

  • Daniil Medvedev


  • Lixun Peng, Alibaba

Implement non-recursive common table expressions (MDEV-8789)
Implement recursive common table expressions (MDEV-9864)
Pushdown conditions into non-mergeable views/derived tables (MDEV-9197)

  • Galina Shalygina

Backporting Delayed replication (MDEV-7145) from MySQL 5.6

  • Kristian Nielsen funded by Booking.com

The MariaDB Foundation website provides a more detailed list of contributors by release, starting from MariaDB 10.2.14

MariaDB 10.1 Log of Contributions

Replication, optimizer, security, speed enhancements, bug fixing, etc

Power8 optimization


Query timeouts

Character set enhancements and speedups

Upgraded regexp library

Reviews for replication, encryption, compression, Galera, Connect storage engine, Mroonga storage engine, Spider, OR REPLACE etc.

Encryption, scrubbing, enhanced semisync, dump thread enhancements, thd_specifics plugin service

  • Google

Table level encryption, plugin for secure encryption

Defragmentation, online alter progress monitoring

Galera (wsrep patches)

Compound statements

  • Antony Curtis


  • Sriram Patil

New status variables for replication

  • Daniel Black


  • Daniël van Eeden

Atomic writes, page compression, trim, multi-threaded flush for XtraDB/InnoDB

  • In cooperation with FusionIO

The MariaDB Foundation website provides a more detailed list of contributors by release, starting from MariaDB 10.1.32

Also Used Code Snippets by


  • Defragmentation, prefix index queries optimization, lazy flushing, buffer pool list scan optimization, configurable long semaphore wait timeout



MariaDB 10.0 Log of Contributions

Per thread memory counting and usage

  • Base code and idea by Lixun Peng, Taobao
  • License: BSD

Multi-source replication

  • Base code by Lixun Peng, Taobao
  • License: BSD


  • Code by Konstantin "Kostja" Osipov, mail.ru
  • License: BSD

CONNECT storage engine

  • Code by Olivier Bertrand
  • License: GPL

Spider storage engine metadata_lock_info Information schema

  • Code by Kentoku Shiba, Spiral Arms
  • License: GPL


  • Code by Vicentiu Ciorbaru, Google Summer of Code 2013
  • License: BSD

PCRE Regular Expressions

  • Code by Sudheera Palihakkara, Google Summer of Code 2013
  • License: BSD

Global Transaction IDs

  • Some patches by Pavel Ivanov, Google

The MariaDB Foundation website provides a more detailed list of contributors by release, starting from MariaDB 10.0.35

MariaDB 5.5 Log of Contributions

Function last_value() which returns the last value but evaluates all arguments as a side effect.

  • Original patch by Eric Herman, Booking.com
  • License: BSD

nowatch option for mysqld_safe (allow systemd)

  • Based on code from Maarten Vanraes
  • License: BSD

Security fixes, patches

  • Work by Honza Horak, Red Hat

Coverity scans

  • Work by Christian Convey

The MariaDB Foundation website provides a more detailed list of contributors by release, starting from MariaDB 5.5.60

MariaDB 5.2 Log of Contributions

Virtual Columns

Declaring many CHARSET objects as const.

  • Antony T Curtis (LinkedIn)
  • License: BSD

Extended user statistics

  • Authors: People at Google, Facebook and Percona. This code owes a special thanks to Mark Callaghan!
  • License: BSD

Segmented MyISAM Key Cache

  • Fredrik Nylander from Stardoll.com
  • License: MCA

The OQGRAPH storage engine

The Sphinx storage engine

Pluggable Authentication

  • RJ Silk License: MCA

Various bug fixes

  • Stewart Smith, Percona

MariaDB 5.1 Log of Contributions (Outside of Monty Program Ab)

Microsecond precision in process list

Slow Query Log Extened Statistics

The PBXT storage engine

The FederatedX storage engine

Windows enhancements and various bug fixes

  • Alex Budovski, under MCA

Creating of MariaDB packages

  • Arjen Lenz, Open Query

Various bug fixes

  • Stewart Smith, Percona

Google has sponsored:

Facebook has sponsored many features, including:

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