Log of MariaDB Contributions

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How to document contributions in bzr

By default add to bzr the following in the global comment for each contribution:

Patch:    Name, url or from where we got the patch
Author:   ....
License:  MCA or BSD
Reviewer: ....

For those cases this is not done, please add to this page a short line for each push into MariaDB that includes code from contributors not employed by Monty Program Ab. The purpose of this is to properly track that all such patches are submitted either under MCA or BSD-new and to ensure that the developer gets credit for his work.


Feature/Patch name
* Author(s)
* Author has signed MCA on "date" | Patch was licensed under BSD

(Please enhance the example with anything that makes sense.)

MariaDB 5.1 log of contributions (outside of Monty Program Ab)

Microsecond precision in process list

Slow Query Log Extened Statistics

The PBXT storage engine

The FederatedX storage engine

Windows enhancements and various bug fixes

  • Alex Budovski, under MCA

Creating of MariaDB packages

  • Arjen Lenz, Open Query

Various bug fixes

  • Stewart Smith, Percona

MariaDB 5.2 log of contributions

Virtual Columns

Declaring many CHARSET objects as const.

  • Antony T Curtis (LinkedIn)
  • License: BSD

Extended user statistics

  • Authors: People at Google, Facebook and Percona. This code owns a special thanks to Mark Callaghan!
  • License: BSD

Segmented MyISAM Key Cache

  • Fredrik Nylander from Stardoll.com
  • License: MCA

The OQGRAPH storage engine

The Sphinx storage engine

Pluggable Authentication

  • RJ Silk License: MCA

Various bug fixes

  • Stewart Smith, Percona

MariaDB 5.5 log of contributions

Function last_value() which returns the last value but evalutes all arguments as a side effect.

  • Original patch by Eric Herman, Booking.com
  • License: BSD

nowatch option for mysqld_safe (allow systemd)

  • Based on code from Maarten Vanraes
  • License: BSD

MariaDB 10.0 log of contributions

Per thread memory counting and usage

  • Base code and idea by Lixun Peng, Taobao
  • License: BSD

Multi-source replication

  • Base code by Lixun Peng, Taobao
  • License: BSD


  • Code by Konstantin "Kostja" Osipov, mail.ru
  • License: BSD

CONNECT storage engine

  • Code by Olivier Bertrand
  • License: GPL

Spider storage engine

  • Code by Kentoku Shiba, Spiral Arms
  • License: GPL

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