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7 years, 8 months ago Jan Steinman

There are numerous Mac OS clients for MySQL, all of which work for MariaDB, although you generally have to use SQL statements to use MariaDB features like virtual columns, etc.

First off, if you run a web server, you can use phpMyAdmin, which is nice because it will work on any platform that has a web browser. It has some quirks and has gotten slower over the years, so I don't use it very much now.

My favourite is Sequel Pro ( It's free. I wish it could identify foreign keys with a tooltip, like phpMyAdmin does, but it at least gives you a link, so you're one click away.

Another one I like is Querious. ( I would use it more often but for a silly reason: i can't remember its name! I think it costs something, but not very much. It has a nice boxes-and-lines graphical schema view that Sequel Pro lacks.

I also have downloaded other tools from the Apple Store, such as Toad, Metabase, LamaFree, and more. Most of them, I fire up, play with for a bit, then go back to my favourites above.

Hope this is helpful!

2 years, 2 months ago Matthew Rathbone

In the time since this answer was written, Sequel Pro has been mostly abandoned and crashes a lot :-(.

Some open source replacements:

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