mariadb 10 multi master galera cluster + streaming replication for backup


im playing arround with a multi (3 nodes) master galera cluster... it is working fine. now my "target" is to have a external maria db (in that case on a nas server from synology) for streaming replication to have a realtime copy of cluster :)

is this possbile?

Answer Answered by Geoff Montee in this comment.

Yeah, that's possible.

Set log_slave_updates=ON on the cluster node that you want to act as master. See Configuring MariaDB Galera Cluster: Writing Replicated Write Sets to the Binary Log and Using MariaDB Replication with MariaDB Galera Cluster: Configuring a Cluster Node as a Replication Master for more information on why this is important.

Then follow the directions at Setting up a Replication Slave with Mariabackup which shows how to take a backup of the master node, rebuild the slave with that backup, and then set up replication.


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