Comments - MariaDB 10.0 installation errors on Linux Mint 16

8 years, 11 months ago Elena Stepanova


There is not enough information to say what can be wrong on your system. I installed Saucy packages on Mint 15, which is closest to 16 that I have at hand, they got installed all right, so it's not the packages. Most likely you have some remains of previous installations on your machine. Also, it is unclear how exactly you are installing the packages -- are you running apt-get from the command line, or doing upgrade, or using some automatic installation tool, or ...?

Please first try to run apt-get install -f. However strange it sounds, try to run it two or three times, it is known to work on the 2nd attempt sometimes.

If it doesn't help, run dpkg -l | grep -i 'maria\|mysql' and see what packages you have there. Remove old installations of MariaDB or MySQL or Percona server, and, if the old data is of no essence, purge everything and then do clean install.

If it still does not help, check the syslog or, if it exists, the server error log in /var/lib/mysql, it is possible that your server does not start and that's what causes the problem.

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