MariaDB 10.2.10 tar ball linux_64 is not working with HAproxy

Dear Team,

I just install tarball installation of MariaDB 10.2.10 using ubuntu 16.04, everything is working perfect but while creating a haproxy_check user in MariaDB so after that I am getting an error while creating a user like "INSERT INTO mysql.user (Host,User) values ('','haproxy_check');" and if am using apt-get installation so then its working file, Now the main issue that haproxy check feature is not working, suggest me what I need to do?

Answer Answered by Ian Gilfillan in this comment.

You don't specify the error, but perhaps it's Field 'ssl_cipher' doesn't have a default value. If you're going to insert directly into the table, you need to make sure that all fields are validly specified. It's far better practice to use CREATE USER and GRANT rather than editing the tables directly for creating users and granting permissions.


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