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Release date: 16 May 2024

MariaDB 11.2 is a current short-term stable series of MariaDB and will be maintained until October 2024. It is an evolution of MariaDB 11.1 with several entirely new features.

MariaDB 11.2.4 is a Stable (GA) release.

For an overview of MariaDB 11.2 see the What is MariaDB 11.2? page.

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB!

Notable Items

From this version, the mariadb-dump tool adds a new sandbox command to the top of every dump file. This command cannot be interpreted by MariaDB command line client versions that do not have the sandbox command, or by MySQL command line clients, and an error will be generated in these clients. Other methods of importing the dump will work not have this issue.

Storage Engines


  • InnoDB is holding shared dict_sys.latch while waiting for FOREIGN KEY child table lock on DDL (MDEV-32899)
  • Adaptive hash index corruption after ALTER TABLE…DISCARD TABLESPACE (MDEV-33400)
  • Server aborts while altering an InnoDB statistics table (MDEV-33462)
  • LeakSanitizer errors in rec_copy_prefix_to_buf (MDEV-33230)
  • Fatal error InnoDB: Clustered record field for column x not found (MDEV-33558)
  • InnoDB may still hang when temporarily running out of buffer pool (MDEV-33613)
  • Alter operation hangs when encryption thread works on the same tablespace (MDEV-33770)
  • MariaDB segfault on rowid filter query involving generated column (MDEV-33795)
  • Discard/Import Tablespace, Restart, Index Corruption (MDEV-33512)
  • Possible server hang on DROP INDEX or RENAME INDEX (MDEV-33993)
  • mariabackup --backup hangs (MDEV-33669)
  • Server hang caused by InnoDB change buffer (MDEV-33543)
  • Assertion failures upon adding a too long key to table with COMPRESSED row format (MDEV-31161)
  • IMPORT TABLESPACE fails with column count or index count mismatch (MDEV-30655)
  • Alter table corrupts while applying the modification log (MDEV-19044)
  • Inconsistent behaviors of UPDATE under RU & RC isolation level (MDEV-26643)
  • Weird SELECT view when a record is modified to the same value by two transactions (MDEV-26642)
  • Inconsistent read and write, which use the same predicate (WHERE clause) (MDEV-29565)
  • Inconsistent SELECT View when modify a record added by another transaction (MDEV-26671)
  • Weird read view after ROLLBACK of other transactions (MDEV-33802)
  • Read only server throws error when running a create temporary table as select statement (MDEV-33889)
  • Change buffer index fails to delete the records (MDEV-32489)
  • Innodb include OS error information when failing to write to iblogfile0 (MDEV-33397)
  • Phantom rows caused by UPDATE of PRIMARY KEY (MDEV-32898)
  • In-place migration from MySQL 5.7 causes invalid AUTO_INCREMENT values (MDEV-33277)
  • InnoDB may corrupt its log before upgrading it on startup (MDEV-32445)
  • Table is getting rebuild with ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN (MDEV-33214)


  • Fixed that internal temporary tables did not wait for freed disk space, and related issues (MDEV-33813)


  • Wrong result on 2nd execution of PS for query with derived table (MDEV-31361)


  • Server crashes when deleting partitions from a table with spider engine (MDEV-33731)
  • SPIDER plugin initialization failed at 'create table if not exists mysql.spider_tables ... with 'Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes', Warning: Memory not freed: 10720 (MDEV-33242)
  • spider plugin init failure with no_zero_date sql_mode (MDEV-33494)
  • sql plugin init failure with traditional sql_mode (MDEV-33584)
  • spider returns parsing failure on valid left join select by translating the on expression to () (MDEV-33679)
  • Spider: ERROR 12710 (HY000): Invalid information from remote table when using MariaDB 10.5 local and MariaDB 10.6 remote (MDEV-33777)
  • Fix bug where Spider variables were not available if Spider was loaded upon server startup (MDEV-33441)


Character Sets, Data Types


Encryption, TLS, SSL

  • WolfSSL's math is unnecessarily slow (MDEV-33482)

Optimization & Tuning

  • Server crashes in JOIN_CACHE::write_record_data upon EXPLAIN with subqueries and constant tables (MDEV-21102)
  • Wrong result with cross Join given join order (MDEV-30975)
  • Wrong warnings on 2-nd execution of PS for query with GROUP_CONCAT (MDEV-31276)
  • Wrong result with semi-join and splittable derived table (MDEV-23878)
  • Optimizer choosing incorrect index in 10.6, 10.5 but not in 10.4 (MDEV-33306)
  • Aggregation functions fail to leverage uniqueness property (MDEV-30660)
  • Partitioning is broken on big endian architectures (MDEV-33623)



  • --gtid-ignore-duplicate can double-apply event in case of parallel replication retry (MDEV-33475)
  • Deadlock kill of XA PREPARE can break replication / rpl.rpl_parallel_multi_domain_xa sporadic failure (MDEV-34042)
  • mysql_manager_submit Segfault at Startup Still Possible During Recovery (MDEV-33799)
  • Server crash in Rows_log_event::update_sequence upon replaying binary log (MDEV-31779)
  • Slave crashed:reload_acl_and_cache during shutdown (MDEV-30260)
  • Rpl_semi_sync_slave_status is ON When Replication Is Not Configured (MDEV-33546)
  • When binlog_annotate_row_events on , event of binlog file is truncated (MDEV-9179)
  • Add more warnings to be able to better diagnose network issues (MDEV-33582)
  • Improve times and states in show processlist for replication (MDEV-33620)
  • Adapt parallel slave's round-robin scheduling to XA events (MDEV-33668)
  • release row locks for non-modified rows at XA PREPARE (MDEV-33454)
  • Semi-sync Wait Point AFTER_COMMIT Slow on Workloads with Heavy Concurrency (MDEV-33551)


  • Disallow bulk insert operation during partition update statement (MDEV-33979)

SQL, Data Definition, and Data Manipulation

  • Transportable Tablespaces leave AUTO_INCREMENT in mismatched state, causing INSERT errors in newly imported tables when .cfg is not used (MDEV-18288)
  • wrong row targeted with "insert ... on duplicate" and "replace", leading to data corruption (MDEV-30046)
  • Incorrect DEFAULT expression evaluated in UPDATE (MDEV-33790)
  • Server crashes when the UPDATE statement (which has duplicate key) is run after setting a low thread_stack (MDEV-33622)
  • Incorrect handling of UPDATE in PS mode in case a table's colum declared as NOT NULL (MDEV-33549)
  • Crash in EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE t1 (a INT DEFAULT ?)' USING DEFAULT, UBSAN runtime error: member call on null pointer of type 'struct TABLE_LIST' in Item_param::save_in_field (MDEV-15703)
  • Wrong result on 2-nd execution of PS to select from view using derived (MDEV-31277)
  • Wrong warnings on 2-nd execution of PS for query with GROUP_CONCAT (MDEV-31276)
  • The TIMESTAMP value of '1970-01-01 00:00:00' can be indirectly inserted in strict mode (MDEV-34088)
  • Out of range error in AVG(YEAR(datetime)) due to a wrong data type (MDEV-33496)
  • Zero datetime reinterprets as '1970-01-01 00:00:00' on field_datetime=field_timestamp (MDEV-34069)
  • unix_timestamp(coalesce(timestamp_column)) returns NULL on '1970-01-01 00:00:00.000001' (MDEV-34061)
  • Server Crash using UDF in WHERE clause of VIEW (MDEV-24507)
  • Update for portion changes autoincrement key in period table (MDEV-25370)
  • CREATE TABLE with generated column and RLIKE results in sigabrt (MDEV-21058)

Platforms & Packaging

  • MariaDB-client community can't be installed in red hat ubi9 (MDEV-32791)


Scripts & Clients


  • Moving from MariaDB 10.5 to 10.6 mysql_upgrade is not updating some system tables (MDEV-33726)
  • Original IP not shown in network related error messages when proxy_protocol is in use (MDEV-33506)
  • Server incorrectly describes known variables as UNKNOWN if invalid values are specified at startup (MDEV-33469)
  • update case insensitive (large) unique key with insensitive change of value - duplicate key (MDEV-29345)
  • MariaDB will abort server startup if it finds an invalid parameter, but won't check for other invalid params (MDEV-26923)
  • Slowdown when running nested statement with many partitions (MDEV-33502)



For a complete list of changes made in MariaDB 11.2.4, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.


For a full list of contributors to MariaDB 11.2.4, see the MariaDB Foundation release announcement.

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MariaDB may already be included in your favorite OS distribution. More information can be found on the Distributions which Include MariaDB page.


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