MariaDB 64bit eats virtual memory

Hello together, I'm running two different instance of MariaDB 10.2.6. One is 32Bit, other one is 64bit. The 32bit ETL run through without any errors, the 64bit Version break with SQL Error (5): Out of memory. If I close HeidiSQL after the error, the whole memory is released. Unfortunately, the ETL run not through. This error occures only on the 64bit system. I've migrated shortly to 10.2.6. Former 10.1 Version run without that issue.

The data set was loaded loaded via "LOAD DATA INFILE ...." on each maschine. Procedures are migrated from 32bit to 64bit with TOAD for MySQL / Schema compare.

Any idea is highly welcome Thank you very much and have a nice afternoon Andreas

Answer Answered by Ian Gilfillan in this comment.


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