IDB-1003: Circular joins are not supported only with INTO OUTFILE or insert into

Hello everyone, please help me with this weird problem. I'm using MariaDB columnstore version 1.2.4 as separate without problems for the same query which causing problems. Now I install from scratch new version with MariaDB 10.5.4 as part of community server and I have problems with queries which works on separate version of ColumnStore.

Problem is weird, because when I run query only as select, everything works, data appears normally, no warning, no errors. No matter which client. But when I add at the end INTO OUTFILE or try to make Insert into Select..., IDB-1003: Circular joins are not supported appears.

On 1.2.4 the same query with INTO OUTFILE or insert into select works without problems.

Is this could be bug or any setting exist which could help with this (parameter in mariadb or columnstore or optimizer setting?)


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