Comments - mysql_install_db

7 years, 2 months ago Jan Steinman

Perms look right.

Do you have a working DNS? Did you try "--skip-name-resolve"?

Did you try "--verbose" to get more info about the problem?

Do you have a /etc/my.cnf set up? Did you try "--no-defaults" to rule out a problem with the config file?

I'm just shooting in the dark from reading the man page. (Did you RTFM? :-)

7 years, 2 months ago Steven Kuns

Thanks for the help... i got fed up with trying to guess what was causing it. it was a yum install by a coworker. I removed the packages and reinstall with the binaries. What worked fine. Thanks for the suggestions... I think it had to do with the my.cnf that was created with the yum. Thanks for all the help...

7 years, 2 months ago Jan Steinman

Glad you got it going.

Still, it's useful to figure this stuff out at your leisure, so you don't have to figure it out in a panic later... :-)

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